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How Biboss Works

Start making money thanks to Biboss. Thousands of tasks awaiting solution, apply and start to exploit your time and capacity.

1 - Search tasks

Find tasks that apply to your skills. You can filter by categories and within each task you will find the details. Photos, description, location, required materials and also a stipulated date. When you find the right task, make an offer!

2 - Make an offer

It is important that when applying for a task it is for a fair price, taking into account the time it will take and what skills are necessary. It doesn't matter if the task has a stipulated price or is 'Listening to offers', you establish the value that you consider fair for your work.

3 - Complete the task and receive payment

Coordinate with the owner of the task to solve it. Once completed, the Poster must pay you through the agreed payment method.

What do you want to do today?

It's up to you. Choose what tasks you want to solve and for the price that you consider fair. You are in control of deciding and being your own boss.

Thousands of opportunities

A reliable community that grows day by day allows you to expand your options and opportunities generating more income. Thousands of published tasks you can apply to.

Secure payment

The user who posts the task pays the reservation of the task to ensure its assignment. Then you coordinate the payment of the rest of the task through the method that suits you best.


How do I start solving tasks?

Once you have created your Biboss account, you must enter to the task details you want to solve and click on 'I want to solve it'. You will have to complete your profile with some data and then you will be able to send your offer. The owner of the task will receive your application. Now wait to be assigned.

How do I receive my payment?

The poster will only pay for the task reservation through the app (15% platform commission). Once the task is finished you will receive the payment of the Poster through the means you have agreed with it (cash, transfer, etc.).

How to improve my assignments?

We have some tips when it comes to applying and being assigned to more tasks. Always keep your profile complete and updated. Describe in everything that you are good at and validate both mobile and identity. When you submit your offer, detail why you are good at that task, this is a key message.

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